AI Foot Fetish Generators

Best AI Foot Fetish Porn Generators

Generating realistic and detailed feet is still something that AI finds very difficult to do, and to be honest, foot fetish fans are still waiting for an AI porn generator that can deliver consistent content. One leading site – PornJourney – does boast the only model devoted to generating convincing feet, but the results are still a little inconsistent, while it seems limited to one pose. However, things are changing rapidly, and like all of the lists on this site, we will keep things up-to-date and accurate by constantly monitoring and testing all the AI porn generators we can find.

One useful tip to produce better AI feet results is to use the custom prompt feature (if the site has it) to include ‘view from below’. I’ve found that this is more likely to result in the girl’s feet being shown in the generated image. Another tip is to include ‘toenails’ in the custom prompt (ex: ‘painted toenails’).

Number One >> PornJourney << Custom Feet Modelling

The owner of PornJourney claims that his AI tool is the only one to have developed its own custom foot modelling system. While it does produce probably the most consistent and realistic feet images of all the AI porn generators we’ve tried, it is currently limited to one pose – with the girl spreading her legs and showing the soles of her feet, as well as her pussy. You can produce photorealistic of anime pictures.

Number Two >> Soulgen << Realistic And Anime, Plus Reface

With Soulgen, you can also produce either ultrarealistic or anime girls. Unlike Soulgen and most other NSFW image generators, you can also upload a photo of a real person (‘reface’ or ‘deepfake). While Soulgen doesn’t do hardcore images, this isn’t much of a problem for those wanted to generate feet pics, at least until the hardcore generators can do footjob pics, which none can at present.

Soulgen can produce beautiful and realistic feet pictures. However, it is wildly inconsistent, and might produce one pic showing the girl’s non-deformed feet in every 3 or 4 you generate, even using the tip I described above of specifying ‘view from below’. This is a problem, as Soulgen works on a paid credit system and each image runs down your remaining credit. There is also effectively no free version, as all images are blurred until you sign up for a paid membership. It delivers noticably better and more consistent feet pictures in the anime style, than it does for the ultrarealistic (‘real girl’) style.

Number Three >> SexyAI << Nice Legs And Sometimes Feet Too

SexyAI can produce girls with beautiful, teasingly long legs, and sometimes it will even get their feet both in the pic, and looking realistic and natural. It’s also very fast, and can produce up to four images at a time almost instantly. It does draw the soles of the feet, but not very convincingly.

Number Four >> IceGirls << Photorealism But Poor Feet

This is a sophisticated AI porn generator that produces photorealistic results. It sometimes can generate even the souls of the feet in a detailed and realistic form. However, it rarely seems to put it all together correctly. For example, as you can see in one of the pictures below, when it got the soles of the girl’s feet right, it got the toes completely wrong.

Number Five >> PornJoy << Realistic And Anime, Plus Reface

PornJoy produces images of beautiful girls in a variety of pleasing styles, but sadly, their sexy feet are usually tantalizingly out of reach. Using the ‘view from below’ specification does result in a higher frequency of generated feet, but the results are still a little hit and miss, and it doesn’t seem able to even attempt to draw the soles of a girl’s feet.

PornPenAI Review

PornPenAI was probably the first AI porn generator online, and although it now has dozens of competitors, it’s still an advanced tool in its own right, with the developer still upgrading and improving his site. The first thing to point out, however, is that it’s not a free site at all, in that it’s close to impossible to generate even one free pic without a ‘server uploaded’ message. Thankfully, a paid membership does solve that problem entirely, as you would expect, and image processing is very fast for paid subscribers. And to be fair, PornPen isn’t the only NSFW AI generator to require a paid subscription to effectively produce any images, as SoulGen blurs all results for free members.

There are 12 different generation models available to select from, including two anime, and four different sex actions (doggystyle, blowjob, missionary, and titfuck). There are also two different men generators, something that not all the top AI porn sites feature. In addition you can select from a number of different ‘bases’, such as ‘lingerie mode’. You can even choose from a very large number of ‘custom bases’ that other paid members have created. Once you have chosen your generator and base, there is a huge array of prompt tags you can choose from, with well over 100 clothing tags alone. So in terms of variety and choice, PornPenAI definitely ranks very highly. Having said that, there are is no custom prompt text box for you to type your own ideas into, and nor is there a negative prompt option.

Comparison Of PoenPenAI Generators

Here are one example each of the four woman generators – Detailed, Accurate, Realistic, and Legacy. The same tag prompts and base (model) were used each time – Arabic, 20’s, long black hair, pixie cut, perfect boobs, naked bathroom mirror selfie, seductive face. Note that each generation produces two pictures, and I have selected what I thought was the best in each case.

Judge for yourself, but I think it’s clear that none of the results are close to being photorealistic. Nor are they as pleasing or natural as many of the top AI porn generators which have artistic styles.

PornPenAI Anime Generator

PornPen has two different Anime generator models to choose from – Base, and Detailed. Here is a simple comparison between the two.

There is a host of particular anime tags, and I think the results are excellent. Here are the two results the DETAILED Anime genertator produced with the prompt tag options – perfect boobs, pink hair, pigtails, 3d, animal ears, lingerie.

As with the reallife generators, you can choose between four different porn actions in anime mode.

Hardcore Porn Image Generation

PornPoen offers four different sex positions. With each position, there are a different selection of tags to choose from, in addition to the basic categories such as ethnicity. For this test, I chose to generate a Russian redhead.

Again, these were the best images of the pairs that the generator produced. It also resulted in deformed images such as the one below.

Blowjob 2 deformed

So like most of the top AI porn generators, the hardcore sex images created are very hit and miss, and TBH, mostly unsatisfactory. However, it does do the doggy style position very well, except that it is limited to the male pov view. The doggy style image below was produced with the prompts – British, skinny, blonde, dark lighting, party, detailed. Perhaps because I chose the dark lighting prompt, it has produced dark hair instead of blonde.

British blonde party dark lighting detailed
doggy style, British, blonde, party, dark lighting

With the dark lighting prompt unselected, it produced the following two satisfactory images.

Is A Paid Subscription Worth It For PornPenAI?

Although it now has an increasing amount of competition, PornPenAI remains one of the leading AI porn generation tools. As a free generator, it’s close to useless, as you will almost certainly be met with a server upload message whenever you try to create an image. So paid membership is a must, and this costs around $15 a month. For this you do get fast generation times, and apparently no limits to the amount of images you can create. You also get a stack of prompt options that are as extensive and varied as those of any rival, as well as 12 different base generators. The results are consistently good, but certainly not the best if you are looking to make photorealistic porn or ultranatural looking girls. It certainly does rank among the very best for its anime porn generator though. So $15 a month is a good value membership if you are looking for a tonne of options, but aren’t so concerned about a lack of ultrarealistic results. It’s also an excellent choice if you are looking to create NSFW anime images.

DeepFake Review

DeepFake example AI generated porn

DeepFake is a novel NSFW AI image generator that has a number of unique elements which make it stand out from the rest of the pack. A project set up by Steve Lightspeed, who is an adult industry veteran of more than two decades, it employs an AI system that has been trained on licensed content owned and originally produced by him. And this is what justifies the name ‘DeepFake’. Not only is the AI trained on a limited set of pornstars, you can also deepfake and clone those individual pornstars, and put them into any situation or give them any kind of look that your imagination allows. It all makes for quite a unique and beautiful AI porn site, although the main drawback is that all the images produced have a rather generic quality, with few options to select from different styles.

DeepFake Uses Licensed Content

It’s a big issue in the AI generation world as to whether any privacy rights are being encroached upon by systems that are trained on real people – as all such systems are. This of course, applies even moreso to generators that produce NSFW or pornographic images. DeepFake does not use the vast library of millions upon millions of individuals on the Internet, but rather a limited training sample of liscensed content owned by Steve Lightspeed – the man behind DeepFake. These date as far back as two decades ago, when his ‘Lightspeed Girls’ was one of the most popular porn sites online, and featured beautiful girls such as Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri. Both of those girls you can specifically clone and ‘deepfake’ for your own enjoyment as a member of DeepFake. Of course, despite Steve Lightspeed owning the image rights to these girls and the other pornstars he filmed two decades ago, it’s still not without controversy (at least according to some commentators) whether their use in AI porn is covered by the original agreements.

The fact that the AI system used has been trained chiefly on a relatively small and generic set of data, does seem to have resulted in a generator that does produce consistently generic results, even if they are also consistently and outstandingly beautiful. The results are always artistic rather than photorealistic. Having said, they are almost always pleasing and beautiful, and never stray into uncanny valley territory as many ‘photorealistic’ generators do.

Community Building And Ability To Clone Other Creator’s Models

Romeo - Ashley 23 year old German woman big tits riding train.

Another exciting and almost unique feature of the site is its strong community building aspect, where members can share each other’s creations, and build upon them via ‘cloning’ them. For example, the creator named ‘Romeo‘ produced this rendering above of ‘Ashley’ as a 23 year old German woman riding a train. Notice how the exact prompt tags are helpfully shown below the image, so you can learn and be inspired for your own attempts. And you can directly clone the image, to use as the basis of your own image generations. Despite only being online since the end of May (2023), less than two months later and there are already almost half-a-million images for you to enjoy and clone.

It’s easy to find other creators and subscribe to them, those that share the same tastes as you, or who have been highly rated by other creators. Most creators are free to subscribe to, with a limited number requiring payment. It will be interesting to see how Steve Lightspeed goes with this. I imagine his goal is to attract some currently active models and influencers, and introduce an ‘AI OnlyFans’ element into his site.

Pros And Cons Of DeepFake And A Subscription

  • A professional long-term project and investment by successful adult industry veteren Steve Lightspeed.
  • AI system is trained largely on licensed content featuring legendary pornstars such as Tawnee Stone.
  • Members can legally clone and deepfake these pornstars.
  • Strong community of creators element.
  • Invariably beautiful results.
  • Members can clone 1/2 a million different images and girls.
  • Results tend to be a little bit generic.

In conclusion, DeepFake is one of the more exciting AI generator sites and is likely to grow and develop into something very big indeed. Even if it is not currently the best or even second best AI porn generator available, it’s potential for improvement is huge, and it’s certainly worth considering becoming a member now and being part of its growth from the start. >> Visit DeepFake Now <<